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The Tuberculosis Chalets Conservation Project

The two chalets were rescued over twenty years ago by forward thinking conservation architects when the Salvation Army took ownership from the Crown of the land they stood on. They were temporarily relocated adjacent to Karingal while a decision was made about their longer term future. Concern by The Friends of the Orphan Schools about their continuing degradation led to an onsite inspection with Heritage Tasmania in late 2011.  

Robert Vincent, who is both a conservation architect and a long-time supporter of the Friends, developed a conservation plan which was approved by Heritage Tasmania. A copy of the report is available here. The Friends noted the urgency of preventing further water damage and allocated $1,000 of its scarce resources to immediate conservation activities. Committee member Simon Cocker agreed to take on management of the project and these pages record the exciting progress of the project.

Alan Rogers Chalet


To do as little as possible and as much as necessary to conserve the Alan Rogers Chalet and the Rechabite Chalet including:

Project plan

This web page records the progress of our volunteers.


Working Bee 1: 29 July 2012:

Robert Vincent, Brian Webberley, Simon Cocker.

Working Bee 2 - 5 August:

Robert Vincent, Brian Webberley, Simon Cocker

Working Bee 3 - 12 August:

Robert Vincent, Brian Webberley, Simon Cocker.

Friday August 17

Working Bee 4 -19 August:

Robert Vincent, Brian Webberley, Simon Cocker with new volunteer Kerry Brehens.

Working Bee 5 - Thursday 23 August .

A bonus, a work experience team from Hobart College with teacher Peter Hicks.

Working Bee 6 - 26 August:

Robert Vincent, Brian Webberley, Simon Cocker, Kerry Brehens

Working Bee 7 - 9 September:

Work proceeds on the two chalets.

Working Bee 8 - 16 September

Working Bee 9 - 30 September

October 1 - DHHS approves relocation plan.

Working Bee 10

Working Bee 11

Elizabeth College Team

Working bee 12 and 13

Peter Gaggin has joined the team.

Working Bee 14

Working bee 15 and 16

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