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Change an Orphan Claim or Story

You may have claimed an orphan in the past or added a story to the burial or resident registers and now need to update or change the details.  There are two options:

  1. For simple changes, eg to update the email address, just email the web manager the old and new details and the orphan, burial or resident number.
  2. For more complex changes just complete a new claim (You can copy and paste the old details) and place this sentence on the first line
    "UPDATE: Replace existing claim".

We do encourage you to add and share further information because it enriches our story and ultimately strengthens our claims for the social and cultural significance of the Orphan Schools and St John's Park Precinct

If you have a photo to share please email it to the web manager.   If you experience any difficulties or have any queries please contact us.  

 Site last updated June 2021