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 Conservation Issues

A large number of significant heritage buildings, constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries, remain on site.

Some buildings and parts of buildings, however, have been demolished.

The Boys Training School, a reformatory, was built in 1896. It closed in 1922 and moved to Deloraine where it is  now known as the Ashley Youth Detention Centre..

Part of the Female Orphan School (the Southern wing) and parts of the Infant Orphan School have been demolished.

In 1939, the State Government planned to demolish the original Orphan School buildings but World War II intervened.

Some parts of the site are in need of urgent conservation; especially parts of the Female and Male Orphan School buildings. Kickstart Arts has undertaken conservation work in 1831 South (the Female Orphan School) and further conservation works are planned for 1831 North (the Male Orphan School).

Protective glazing has been installed to the lower windows of the 1831 South.

In 2016, the Friends of the Orphan Schools successfully completed a conservation project for the Sanatorium Chalets.

TB Chalets    Orphan School, North wing rear    Orphan School, South wing showing addition    Orphan School, southern end of south wing

TB Chalets Orphan School, North wing rear Orphan School, South wing showing addition Orphan School, southern end
of south wing

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