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 Research Guide for students

The following information is designed to assist you with research so you can find out more about a particular orphan or about the Orphan Schools in general.

  1. Read the information available on this website using the menu list on the left of the screen.
    1. For example the 'History' button provides a brief history of the site as well as research information and further reading to assist with details.
    2. Also explore the 'Special Interest 'button as this will provide information about the orphans including general notes about the Orphan Schools.
    3. Subscribe to the online Newsletter. This provides further snippets of information provided by the research group.
    4. If you are interested in a particular orphan then explore the search page for Find an Orphan. This gives details about where the records come from.
  2. Perhaps you want to know more about a particular orphan or one of the people who worked with the orphans? The Archives Office of Tasmania provides Name Indexes that you can search online. Try them all as this will improve your chances of finding information. You may be able to find the names of an orphan's parents, arrival dates, birth, marriage and death details about your orphan. Remember to check dates and names to make sure you have information from the same family. Also be aware that the names you are researching may have been spelt in different ways.
  3. If you want to know more about the living conditions within the Orphan Schools you will need to read a range of reports, and newspaper articles which describe the daily routines experienced by the orphans. Check the date that your orphan was known to be at the orphanage then look for documents written at a similar time. Some of these reports and newspaper articles will have been included in the Friends of the Orphan School Newsletter. Once you have an idea of how the orphans lived combine the information in your own words adding opinions and observations from the authors of the reports.
  4. Remember to acknowledge your sources in your bibliography.
  5. Join in some of the events advertised on the Friends of the Orphan School website and talk to the other people who attend. Many of these people have interesting information to share. Remember to bring a paper and pen to write down information.
  6. Try putting your orphan's name into a Google search and use the Feeling Lucky option; this can sometimes give you bonus information.




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