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 Nineteenth Century Buildings

Buildings constructed in the 19th century which still exist include:

Orphan School north wing (1833)

Orphan School, North Wing      Oprhan School, North Wing, rear Orphan School, North Wing rear today

Note the white paint in this
May 2000 photo
North wing, rear North wing, rear  


Orphan School north wing kitchen block (1833)

Orphan School south wing (1833)

St John's Church (1835)

St. John's Church


The Parsonage (1837)

St. John's Parsonage, rear view    St. John's Parsonage     


 Gatehouse at 1 St John's Avenue (1841)


1 St John's Avenue 2 St John's Avenue    

Cow Shed (1850s)

Northern cottage (behind north wing of Orphan School) - originally two but only one extant (1860)

Infants Orphan School (1861)

Infant Orphan School



Old Sunday School, also known as Parish Hall (1882)



Superintendents House

Superintendents House

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